August 3, 2021

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: It Just Got Harder to Buy a Gun in Colorado.

HB21-1298 “Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements,” went into effect on June 29, and is specifically designed to “address the epidemic of gun violence we have seen in Colorado,” said bill sponsor Sen. Julie Gonzales, D-Denver.

Under existing federal law, if a background check doesn’t come back after three days, gun dealers can transfer a firearm to another person. However, HB 1298 undoes this and requires gun dealers to get approval — no matter how long it takes — before transferring a gun.

Additionally, before the enactment of HB 1298, when a background check resulted in denying someone a firearm transfer, they could appeal the decision, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation was required to review that person’s background records and render a final decision within 30 days. HB 1298 changes that 30-day deadline to 60 days and allows for indefinite denial in certain instances.

Finally, HB 1298 adds 11 misdemeanors the list of background check disqualifiers and makes it so those convicted of these misdemeanors can’t purchase or possess a gun for five years from the date of conviction.

Spoiler: None of these provisions will do anything to combat the surge of so-called “gun violence” occurring in badly-run, Democrat-controlled (but I repeat myself) cities.

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