August 3, 2021

SOMETIMES THE WALL CRACKS:  A huge crack appears in the media’s narrative dam.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand: I know why China’s lies were echoed here. The left desperately needed us to shut down, so they could steal the election. But why did Europe do it? And why are they still going crazy?

Is China that interested in subjugating them? Or are they that impressed with our leftards?

Because let me tell you, while it’s crushing us — particularly with the Junta in power — it’s destroying Europe. I don’t know if the touristic countries in Europe can survive this without modern day famine. And since I come from one, my conversations with relatives back there these days are contributing to my pulling vast amounts of hair off.

Seriously, the fact they have no internet and no alternative news might also be a factor. They are committing suicide.

Sometimes I wonder if the riots and revolts in Europe were way worse than we knew, and if the left is trying to kill their own populations as their last chance at control.

And guys? Seriously. We’ve known since the Diamond Princess this was not a big deal. I can’t understand how all the people trained to look at these things could be fooled. I just can’t.

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