August 1, 2021

JIM GERAGHTY: Now Large Groups of Vaccinated People Are Deemed Too Risky.

Is it possible people who are vaccinated will spread it to the unvaccinated? Yes, but that’s an argument for getting the shots into the remaining unvaccinated people, not an argument for banning large concerts. The vaccinated have done what they’re supposed to do; stop reimposing restrictions upon them. Stop nagging the vaccinated because you’re so angry at the unvaccinated. If the thought of going into a crowded venue like a concert or sports event strikes you as too risky, then don’t do it. But don’t try to take away the rights of other people – pardon me, other vaccinated people! — to enjoy themselves as they see fit.

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The alternative is to declare that the risk from the Delta variant is so severe that vaccinated people should not gather in groups, because of the risk that they could spread it – and that the halt upon normal life for Americans should extend beyond the current sixteen months. That is effectively declaring that the Delta variant has pushed us back to square one again, which is not an accurate assessment of public health risks.

As Jim Treacher previously wrote: The Rules Wouldn’t Keep Changing If You Peasants Just Did What You’re Told at That Particular Moment.

So now it’s my fault that the Biden administration hasn’t hit its COVID vaccination goal. It’s my fault that Biden is failing. That’s on me. I did the right thing and got vaccinated, and now he wants to punish me for it because some other people didn’t get vaccinated. I’m supposed to start wearing a mask again because somebody somewhere did a study, and some bureaucrat saw it and flew into a panic, and the president of the United States said, “Yeah, yeah, panic, let’s have some more of that!”

And this is supposed to convince unvaccinated people to change their minds, somehow? Biden thinks he’s punishing Private Pyle by making the rest of us do endless push-ups while Pyle stands there eating his donut. Except Pyle doesn’t give a $#!+, and if we throw him a blanket party tonight, we’ll go to jail.

How is this supposed to work? How is putting me back in a mask supposed to convince an unvaccinated person that he needs to get vaccinated so he still has to wear a mask?

But the DNC-MSM needs the fear porn for ratings to overcome their post-Trump slump. And President Klain’s administration needs to keep up the pressure on Americans because their ideology is built around the moral equivalent of war and “never let a crisis go to waste,” and are hanging onto the pandemic as a way to control and manipulate citizens.

And then there are the midterms next year: Without Trump, Dems and Media Dehumanize the Unvaccinated to Salvage 2022 Midterms.

There’s also plenty of kabuki involved, of course: Border authorities encountered 190,000 people illegally crossing border in June, highest in 21 years.


In October of 2019, when the CCP-NBA connection was exposed for millions of Americans to see, Geraghty wrote: We’re Not Exporting Our Values to China — We’re Importing Theirs.

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