July 30, 2021

PLAINLY ILLEGAL RACE DISCRIMINATION: The City of Portland, Oregon plans to spend millions in federal funds on “struggling artists of color.” Note that Portland isn’t talking about giving money to just any struggling artist. Whites don’t count, no matter how much they are struggling and no matter how artistically gifted.

This kind of blatant race discrimination isn’t going to stop until lawsuits—lots of ‘em—are brought. To do that here, we need a struggling artist of pallor in Portland who might be willing to be the plaintiff.

Instapundit is not exactly the place I expect to find a lot of struggling non-POC artists living in Portland, so this is a long shot. But if you are such a person and might be willing to help us fight this, please contact me via email. I will pass your info on to the lawyers who are hoping to mount a lawsuit. Alternatively, if your best friend from high school or your daughter-in-law’s mom lives in or near Portland and might know a struggling artist or two, please find out if they can help.

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