July 22, 2021

WHAT THE LEFT PLANS FOR AMERICA: “Five speech therapists were arrested this morning by Hong Kong’s national security police, accused of conspiring to share ‘seditious’ children’s books.”

From the comments:

We should be doing everything possible to help the people of Hong Kong. And Cuba. They are both crying out for freedom. And had Trump been President, they would have received help in some form. China would have felt the sting, we would have allowed for Hong Kongers to emigrate. Instead, the cabal running the Joe & Kamala show are working hard to make nice with the terrorist leaders of Iran.

Everything is completely upside down right now. And there is no better example of this than the US handling of Hong Kong and Cuba. We used to stand for freedom. We used to be a beacon to the world for freedom and people would risk their lives to come here- not for handouts, but to have the chance to live their life for their own sake. Now our FBI works to concoct events to portray their own citizens as enemies.

Sounds eerily like the CCP. Not sure there’s a difference anymore.

Well, there is, but some people are working hard to erase it.

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