July 17, 2021

STRIKE A POSE, THERE’S NOTHING TO IT: AOC: I stand with the Cuban people — but don’t forget the U.S. embargo,

“[S]aying a socialist economy would work great — if only it were allowed to trade with the rich capitalist country nearby is not the killer argument that socialists think it is,” sniffs James Pethokoukis.

Her statement tracks Bernie Sanders’s, who called on the regime to respect the opposition’s rights while taking care to denounce the embargo. That both-sides-ism was also the progressive approach to the wave of anti-semitic attacks in the U.S. following Israel’s brief bout with Hamas in Gaza in May. They couldn’t ignore it, but they didn’t want to cede the moral high ground that comes with victim status by admitting that the other side was being victimized by their own allies. So they both-sides’d it. We condemn anti-semitism, they said — and Islamophobia. Same with the Cuban uprising now.

Why would AOC “stand with the Cuban people,” when she spent much of 2019 promoting her ban-all-the-things Green Nude Eel by government fiat?

“[T]he Green New Deal would mean big changes. But how big? And how would those changes be made? Steve Inskeep, a journalist at NPR and host of the Morning Edition program, asked AOC if her plan requires ‘massive government intervention.’ ‘It does. It does. Yeah. I have no problem saying that,’ she responded, according to the transcript.”

—”44 Things You Should Know about the Green New Deal,” the Foundation for Economic Education, May 24th, 2019.

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