May 25, 2004

THIS ELECTION IS LOOKING LIKE a World Series between the Red Sox and the Cubs, as each side’s fans worry, with some reason, that their guy will blow it. Republicans are afraid that Bush is in trouble, while Mickey Kaus continues his “Dem Panic Watch” feature. There’s bad news for both candidates in the latest polls. Bush keeps falling in overall approval, but the voters seem to think less of Kerry as time goes on. It’s a bizarre race to the bottom. I’ve said for a while that this election will probably be decided by the 5% who haven’t paid any attention until the week before the election. Judging by these polls, they may be the only ones who show up to vote. . . .

There’s always McCain / Hillary!

UPDATE: Tom Maguire: “we are reminded of the famous Winston Churchill quip – the current news is bad for Bush, and Kerry is a deeply flawed candidate, but the news can change.”

Of course, I expect that a lot of folks in the media will be doing their best to see that it doesn’t.

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