May 25, 2004

JASON VAN STEENWYK IS CALLING OUT MAJOR MEDIA FOR FAKING QUOTES regarding General Mattis’ statement on not apologizing for his men. He’s got links and transcripts and he’s naming names, which include the New York Times, Reuters, AFP, and more:

Essentially, it looks like they’re quoting each other, or some apocryphal Q source material. They’re not quoting General Mattis. They didn’t even show up at the press conference, and they didn’t bother to get a transcript or listen to the tape. But all these reporters are passing their crap off as if they were right from the source material.

Absolutely, completely pathetic.

If this is what passes for news coverage, then they ought to fire their reporters and hire some boy scouts to write for them. At least they’ll be honest.

Read the whole thing. Interestingly, I once had the same thing happen to me, with a bunch of newspapers reproducing quotes from an appearance on the PBS Newshour as if they’d interviewed me. They didn’t mangle them nearly as badly, though.

And I’ll bet this will be all over talk radio. Hmm. Maybe there is something to the theory espoused below.

UPDATE: More on sloppy quote-recycling from Michael Drout.

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