June 22, 2021

SPACE LAW: House hearing rehashes longstanding commercial space transportation issues.

Hmm. This seems like Democrats trying to undermine SpaceX:

Despite the hearing’s title, “Starships and Stripes Forever – An Examination of the FAA’s Role in the Future of Spaceflight,” SpaceX was not among the witnesses. An industry source said that the company had not been invited to testify.

Not good. But some of it may just be turf war:

Larsen acknowledged at the hearing that space was outside of the jurisdiction of his committee, but that its effects on airspace made it relevant. “We do not believe that we have jurisdiction over space, but you have to travel through airspace to get to space, what I like to think of as ‘our space,’” he said. “This is why this hearing is so critically important.”

Still not good.

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