April 30, 2004

ISN’T THIS A BIT INCONSISTENT with earlier stuff that Joe Wilson has said?

It was Saddam Hussein’s information minister, Mohammed Saeed Sahhaf, often referred to in the Western press as “Baghdad Bob,” who approached an official of the African nation of Niger in 1999 to discuss trade — an overture the official saw as a possible effort to buy uranium.

That’s according to a new book Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former ambassador who was sent to Niger by the CIA in 2002 to investigate reports that Iraq had been trying to buy enriched “yellowcake” uranium. Wilson wrote that he did not learn the identity of the Iraqi official until this January, when he talked again with his Niger source.

Hmm. Maybe this is why we haven’t heard much on this topic lately.

UPDATE: Matthew Hoy has more thoughts on this.

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