June 16, 2021

LEADER OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY QUITE CROSS WITH ONE OF HIS OPERATIVES WITH A BYLINE: Biden Erupts At Reporter For Asking About Putin: ‘Where The Hell, What Do You Do All The Time?’

President Biden went off on CNN’s Kaitlan Collins at the end of his post-summit press conference and suggested she may be “in the wrong business” after she asked why he was “so confident” that Putin will “change his behavior.”

* * * * * * * *

Reporters have started to react negatively toward Biden’s refusal to answer more questions from the media and toward his attitude sometimes when answering the few questions that he does take.

“Any analysis of President Biden that doesn’t sound like praise inspires people to leap to defend him by pointing out the obvious: ‘He’s not Trump!’ He’s not, but he’s not made of glass, either,” New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi tweeted following Biden’s meeting with Putin. “The most powerful person in the world doesn’t need to be cocooned from criticism.”

President Klain obviously disagrees with Nuzzi.

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