June 15, 2021

SO NICE OF NEWSOM TO RELEASE HIS POLITICAL PRISONERS: That would be the entire state of California, according to Issues & Insights, which also notes these fascinating datapoints:

“Seven-day moving averages of infection rates peaked at 114 cases per 100,000 in California, but only 82 in Florida and 79 in Texas, states that had far fewer restrictions and mandates, and reopened much earlier than California. Deaths peaked at 1.72 per 100,000 in California, 1.21 in Texas, and 0.86 in Florida.”

Next question: Why are the politicians, public health “experts” and mainstream media buffoons so totally, absolutely determined to get every human being on God’s green earth vaccinated for this particular virus? At the present rate, soon we will be told unborn babies must be vaccinated, too.

Could it be that the virus really was engineered in a lab somewhere and at some point in the near future everybody who got the vaccine will suddenly shut up and stop yammering about things such as individual liberty, the Constitution and political accountability?

Asking for a friend.

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