June 10, 2021

HE’S BACK! CNN interviews Jeffrey Toobin: How did it feel to be caught masturbating on a Zoom call?

I don’t know what CNN was thinking. Bringing Toobin back is bad enough but if they were going to do it they could have skipped over the reason for his hiatus and jumped back in by interviewing him about some court case somewhere. But either Toobin or Jeff Zucker — or both — wanted to clear the air, apparently, with a full-throated mea culpa.

About getting caught jerking off on a Zoom call.

How much must this guy love his CNN job to accept going on national television to discuss pleasuring himself as a condition of retaining it?

And how much must Alisyn Camerota hate her job after having been tasked with rehabbing him? How was that assignment handed out?

At the start of the week, Charles Cooke pondered what sort of dirt Chris Cuomo must have on CNN’s executives that allows him to keep his job. The same question could be asked about Toobin: “The common thread between Toobin and Cuomo, by the way, is that CNN has been willing to endure truly humiliating scandals in the name of keeping them employed even though both guys are replacement-level at what they do. It’d be one thing if Toobin were a superstar legal commentator offering insights that the average TV law-pundit couldn’t muster. But he is the average TV law-pundit. Why embarrass your network this way for a guy who’s not adding much value?”

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