June 11, 2021

WELL, TO BE FAIR, SHE IS A CIPHER: Why do supporters of Kamala Harris portray her as faceless? As is President Biden, who is just a placeholder for the behind the scenes crowd — Ron Klain, Jill Biden, etc. — who are actually running the country.

Plus, from the comments: “Why the blank face on Kamala cookies? One of Kamala’s first jobs was as an assistant District Attorney in Oakland. And of course Gertrude Stein wrote of Oakland, ‘There is no there, there’. And a blank face on a Kamala cooky reflects the Stein observation on Oakland—which is appropriate where Ms. Harris is concerned. There simply is no there there. Faced with a challenging question or issue Kamala simply retreats to a giggle. She is truly an empty suit. The Democrat primary voters recognized that. Slow Joe didn’t.”

But why would supporters want to emphasize that?

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