May 30, 2021

HMM. From a comment to this post:

So y’all are impressed that the NYT and WaPo have suddenly started mentioning the Wuhan Lab as likely COVID source. I do not think that means what you think it means.

Consider: How often have the NYT and WaPo ever allowed facts to sway them from The Narrative in recent years? Answer: Just about never. They stick with The Narrative regardless of facts. So we may want a better explanation for this otherwise hard-to-explain shift.

More likely they shifted because they were TOLD to shift. Least hypothesis, by far.

So, WHY might they have been so told? Here it gets guessy. Limited data. It may take a while before it becomes obvious. But, one guess, FWIW, is as a step in preparing Us The Public for some heightened level of conflict with China.

A return to Trump’s mix of sanctions plus trade and military pressure on the CCP? That could even be a good thing – if executed competently. But if executed the way this gang has handled Middle East policy so far, it could end up being war with China we’re being warmed up for.

Sure wish we still had competent people in charge.

I don’t think we face a war with China because I think China has too much influence over the Biden Administration to allow that. But that may not apply to all factions therein.

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