May 30, 2021

ROGER SIMON: Critical Race Theory Update: ‘Et Tu, Williamson County?”

But how do seven and eight-year olds react to all this continually downbeat, violent material, emphasizing racial division above all, for hours and days on end?

Reports of growing numbers of children in therapy plus an increasing suicide rate abound, some of it due to COVID as well, but I heard a personal story that affected me particularly deeply.

I was at a recent, surprisingly well-attended “Moms for Liberty” meeting in Franklin at which an immigrant woman from Thailand, married to a Caucasian, spoke.

She read aloud a lengthy, heartfelt letter she wrote to Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden about the severe educational and emotional disturbances her mixed-race seven-year old son suffered from attending one of their schools. (To his parent’s consternation, the boy ended up despising his white half.) I quote her, in part:

“The story of Dr. King and his ‘I have a Dream’ speech is beautiful and uplifting. This is the world my child lived in until now. He was color blind. But this curriculum has changed that. It is far more harmful than helpful. It depresses him. It is dark and divisive. It paints a world with only white and black people. It paints a picture of poor black people being attacked by evil white people.”

She continues further on:

“Even more problematic, the teacher would not accept the non-racial, color blind answer from our son to a question she asked. So, the teacher asked again and again, looking for a different (acceptable) answer.”

Years ago, during Soviet times, I visited a Young Communist League Training School in the Crimea. They used a similar method.

The mother concludes:

“We expect 2nd graders to be learning basic educational concepts and not be force fed story after story of racial aggressions and evils committed in the past. This is not how we create a better world for our children. This curriculum only highlights race and creates further division among the new generation. We want our child to be colorblind and value people for who they are and not the color of their skin or for past evils or mistakes that other people made in history.”

Amen to that.

And it’s not just in schools: Vets Battle Critical Race Theory Invasion of Military.

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