May 22, 2021

IT MUST BE FRUSTRATING BEING A HAMAS SPOKESMAN: “The illegitimate Zionist entity must be forced to end its occupation of all of Palestine, from Tel Aviv to Jericho.” Western Reporter: “So what you’re saying is that you support a peaceful 2-state solution.”

“We will kill the sons of pigs and apes like the great Hitler.” Western reporter: “So what you’re saying is that you object to right-wing Israeli politicians like Netanyahu.”

“We want an Islamic state governed by sharia.” Western reporter: “Democracy, one-person, one-vote, religious freedom for all. Got it.”

“We thank our great friends in Iran for their money, missiles, and bombs.” Western Reporter: “Hamas insists on being a grassroots Palestinian movement not dependent on foreign support.”

And from America’s Newspaper of Record: Hamas Terrorist at Gaza Border Surprised To Hear Media Describe Him as Peaceful Protester.

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