March 29, 2004


If you’re the prayerful sort, please offer one up for our friend Stuart Buck. I have the privilege of knowing Stuart personally, but he’s got a lot of readers and fans in the blogosphere who will no doubt be grieved to hear what’s happened to him. He suffered two strokes over the weekend, and is in the hospital in Arkansas near his folks. Lawyer Stuart had just moved with his wife and two small children from Dallas to his Arkansas hometown last week … and now this. I don’t have any specifics on his condition, except that I’m told he can speak. Stuart is all of 29. He’s a good man, and he and his wife and kids need all the prayers or good wishes we can muster. Pass it on.

Jeez, that’s terrible news. Please send him your best wishes for a full recovery. I don’t know any more (and there’s nothing on his blog), but I’ll see what I can find out.

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