May 13, 2021

MICHAEL WALSH: ‘Things Fall Apart’ With No End in Sight.

They’re publicly gunning for the Second Amendment now and, over the course of the post-FDR period, have rendered the Ninth and 10th amendments (which were intended to establish expressed powers/limited government) as nullities.

Now, in a capital still ringed by barbed wire, a confused old man sits at a desk signing “executive orders” designed to overturn any vestiges of his predecessor—whose aim, you may recall, was to “Make America Great Again.” The economy boomed, the nation became energy self-sufficient, race relations had at least stabilized, the Middle East was moving toward stasis, and both the Russians and the Chinese were under no illusions about our international intentions.

And then came the election and huge blunder of Jan. 6, and it all vanished. Well, as they say, elections have consequences.

“Surely, the Second Coming is at hand,” writes Yeats in the second stanza of his great poem. But be careful what you wish for: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

If you thought Biden’s first 100 days were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

As Glenn recently wrote, “To be honest, a rerun of the Carter years is now a best-case scenario.”

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