May 11, 2021

AND I STAND WITH HIM:  You Can Have My AC When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands.

Yes, I know, Europeans pride themselves on living without it, mostly making a virtue of necessity since their pitiful grid can’t handle it. But having grown up in Europe, let me assure them, they’re handicapping themselves for nothing. Because you can’t function as well while baking and entire months of productivity are lost to “I’m so hot.” Without need. It’s like swimming while wearing a ball and chain, to prove how macho you are.

So the eco warriors, the socialists, the New-York-Times -fashionable-commies, and the Europeans (but I repeat myself) can take their idea of doing away with AC, fold it all in corners, and put it where the sun don’t shine.

FLASHBACK (FROM GLENN): Ban AC for DC: If our rulers think global warming is a crisis, let them be a good example for the rest of us.

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