May 4, 2021

I NEED TO BORROW SARAH’S SHOCKED FACE FOR THIS ONE: “It turns out that while the former Massachusetts senator and current Biden administration climate czar [John Kerry] was lecturing us all about climate change, he was holding dirty oil and gas stocks and pulling down millions in corporate earnings…In a statement, the State Department says he got rid of assets that could pose a conflict of interest and were identified by the Ethics Office. Among those were about three dozen energy-related companies dealing in electric, oil and gas — even nuclear — precisely the kind of energy Kerry and his climate crisis pals want us all to get rid of.”

When Al Gore emerged from his energy-guzzling mansion to address the Senate in 2007 only to refuse to take his own energy reduction pledge from An Inconvenient Truth when presented to him by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Ann Coulter quipped, “I kind of respect him more, it shows he is not stupid enough to believe all this global warming nonsense. He’s trying to get us to believe. Okay, fine, he may be a hypocrite but at least he’s not a moron.”

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