February 27, 2004

MICKEY KAUS has a wrapup on the California debates:

Kerry couldn’t resist making fun of Edwards’ non-brevity. (“Let me return a favor from the last debate to John …”) How small and thin-skinned was that? Kerry’s body language and facial gestures suggested he loathes Edwards.

Kaus also has some interesting poll numbers. And here’s what Christopher Hitchens says about the Kerry campaign:

One reason I think this campaign is very lame — it’s supposed to have momentum, I wouldn’t say it had much enthusiasm behind it — he gives the impression that it’s kind of his turn to be president and that he has a feeling of entitlement to the job.

I think that is a very great disadvantage.

I’ve never heard him or any of his supporters make any case why this is the moment for John Kerry.

John Kerry as Bob Dole? (Via Tim Blair).

UPDATE: Tom Maguire comments on the debate: “Still not clear whether Kerry was waffling, or pandering.”

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