April 17, 2021

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: COVID-19 Has Accelerated College Closings. “A recent study shows nearly five hundred colleges faced little financial risk before the pandemic; however, over 20% of those colleges now face a high level of financial pressure. Even more, COVID-19 has exacerbated the negative effects of mismanagement on these colleges, as well as the colleges that struggled for survival even before COVID-19. One may ask: If those private colleges struggled to survive during the best of times, how can their (malfeasant) directors possibly save them during a global pandemic with no foreseeable end? The answer is simple: They cannot.” Pleased to say that this piece was co-authored a some former student of mine.

Related: Federal Judge Allows Student Tuition Refund Class Action To Proceed Against Quinnipiac University Over COVID-19 Shift To Online Learning.

The pandemic has thrown a lot of lefty-dominated institutions into vulnerable states — Hollywood, media, higher education, state and local governments — but will the right take advantage of that?

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