April 14, 2021

JIM TREACHER: BBC’s Head of Creative Diversity Says Idris Elba’s Luther Character ‘Isn’t Black Enough to Be Real.’

First of all, until today I was unaware that the BBC has a “Head of Creative Diversity.” Let’s just pause for a moment and savor that.


“But Luther doesn’t have any black friends!” If you’ve ever watched the show, you know he doesn’t have any friends. He’s a cop who works within the system because he has to, but he has very little use for people when he’s not saving them. One of his classic lines: “You get a reputation for answering phones, and all they do is ring.” He’s the prototypical loner character. Almost comically so. If he’s bound to a stereotype, it’s that one. But this BBC “diversity” genius doesn’t think he’s stereotypically black enough?

I really don’t want to know how much this moron is making per year to tell Idris Elba he’s somehow a victim. Believing that a person who looks a certain way should talk and think and behave a certain way is the opposite of diversity.

Here’s another BBC veteran with a much better outlook: Inspired by Hank Azaria’s apology ‘to every single Indian person in this country’ for voicing Apu, John Cleese issues an apology of his own.

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