April 13, 2021

DO TELL: “A group of top Democratic Party pollsters are set to release a public statement Tuesday acknowledging ‘major errors’ in their 2020 polling — errors that left party officials stunned…”

I didn’t trust them then, and I still don’t.

Plus: “When GW Bush won a disputed election in 2001, the media, led by the NYT and WaPost, immediately dispatched hoards of journalists to count every vote. I always assumed that they were looking to discredit the Bush election. Has anything like that happened after the 2020 election? I must have missed it. The fact that the media has turned a blind eye to what could be a huge story tells me all I need to know. And what did polling of Democrats look like in 2001? Most of the Democrats I know are still convinced that GW Bush stole that election.”

That’s different because shut up.

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