April 7, 2021


Lead activist and media superstar Stacey Abrams expressed regret over the MLB’s decision to move a lucrative game in a state with a large African American population to one which is 86 percent white. As one Twitter user noted, this was comparable to Abrams attempting to pour a cup of water on a forest fire that she started. Her sentiment was echoed by freshman Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Another factor at work is the sheer popularity of SB-202. Per Morning Consult, the law labeled Jim Crow on steroids by our president and so widely derided by the media, journalists and celebrities has a +6 favorability rating nationally. Now, because of the embarrassing similarity between Georgia’s voting laws and Colorado’s, the argument has become ‘photo ID is Jim Crow’ or ‘fewer days of early voting is Jim Crow’.

This is Calvinball: a transparent attempt to cover a disastrous PR move by our confused old president, backed up by liberal activists and journalists who think their Twitter accounts reflect the national mood. Then there is Major League Baseball’s ratings, which reached an all-time pre-pandemic low in 2019. Cynics may simply point to this move by MLB as a way to drum up publicity as a way to get more woke fans to pay attention. Well, if that is true it doesn’t work: similar recent moves by the NBA and the NFL have resulted in fewer viewers, not more. The MLB has made a grave mistake. Perhaps our president, who not so long ago promised unity, should have hesitated before throwing yet more fuel on a moronic inferno.

These things happen when you have a preening, self-loathing ruling class.

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