April 7, 2021

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Ron DeSantis Has All The Right Enemies. “So long as Donald Trump doesn’t seek the presidency for a third time, it would seem that Ron DeSantis will enter the 2024 Republican primary as a, if not the, front-runner. CPAC’s straw poll pegged him as the favorite in that scenario. As another Republican governor of Florida learned the hard way back in 2016, entering the primaries as a front-runner doesn’t count for quite as much as it once did, but it still counts for something. Moreover, the reasons for DeSantis’s status as a favorite suggest that optimism for his prospective run is more warranted now than it was for Jeb Bush’s run five years ago. What are those reasons? Chief among them is that ‘DeathSantis’ is now trending on Twitter. Sunday evening saw a new, narrative-driven hit on DeSantis drop on 60 Minutes. Already, the segment has been exposed as a fraud.”

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