January 28, 2004

BBC CHAIRMAN GAVYN DAVIES TO RESIGN: That’s the story on the wires, though I can’t find it on the web just yet. (Thanks to the journalist readers who sent it!). I told you they should have listened to the bloggers. . . .

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the BBC’s report. And here are what appear to be real-time reactions from BBC reporters via the BBC’s own reporter blog. Excerpt: “I don’t think anyone expected this report to be quite this damning.”

Another: “It will be interesting to see if the BBC brand can recover from this.” Maybe not. As I suggested a while back, the BBC’s political tin ear has caught up with it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan: “[A]n absolute vindication for Tony Blair and a catastrophe for the BBC.”

Tim Blair: “Some people predicted this outcome as far back as last July. Advantage: Jarvis. Also, advantage Chavetz.”

And here, via Tim, is a link to the full text of the report, now available on the Web.

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