March 6, 2021


Last week, Ryan Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, vanished from “the world’s largest bookstore.” The hardbacks, the paperbacks—even the used copies of When Harry Became Sally sold by third-party sellers through Amazon—poof, gone. When questioned by Anderson’s publisher, Amazon lamely pointed to a new policy that permits it to bar “inappropriate and offensive” works and also “hate speech.” It never bothered to offer proof or explain how Anderson’s book ran afoul of these guidelines; it apparently didn’t think it needed to.

The New York Post’s editorial board attempted to explain why Amazon targeted this particular three-year old book: Anderson’s “scholarly analysis of transgenderism . . . questions politically correct sacred cows.” But there are plenty of other politically-incorrect volumes sold on Amazon, including Anderson’s 2012 book, What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense—a conservative objection to gay marriage. I suspect What is Marriage’s home on will remain undisturbed—not for lack of controversy, but for lack of relevance.And here we get to the key difference between the two books: The legality of gay marriage has been settled in America. Whatever people’s private feelings about gay marriage, its legality in America is beyond dispute, and its acceptance by American society, widespread. Opposing it is a dead issue, a loser.

And as Amazon well knows, no book is likely to change that.But transitioning minors—that’s another story. For all the sloganeering about how the sanctity of affirmation-based treatment is settled practice, it isn’t. Leading psychotherapists have challenged “affirmative care” and its abuses have been acknowledged in open court. J.K. Rowling’s well-publicized alarm at the spike in transgender identification among teen girls, followed by the publication of my book, encouraged a widespread backlash against the idea that it is wrong or repressive to question the protocols governing the medical transition of minors.

One week after Black History Month concluded, it’s…really something to see “Item Under Review” and “not currently available for purchase” on Amazon’s page for the Kindle edition of Thomas Sowell’s classic 1996 book, The Vision of the Anointed:

Click to enlarge.

Related: We didn’t start this culture war. The woke left rages against increasingly bizarre things, and then calls everyone else crazy. “All this, and in the service of what? A new woke orthodoxy whose authoritarianism is matched only by its stupidity. If you genuinely think that building a better society starts with rebranding the kids’ toys, you have no business calling anyone else crazy. The left’s embrace of wokeness has made it look utterly ridiculous to the very people it should be representing. Nothing will be gained from this censorious, divisive movement. But a hell of a lot could be lost. Those of us on the anti-woke side of politics, which extends far beyond the lazy right-wing caricature, did not start this culture war. But we do need to win it.”

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