March 5, 2021

FAKE NEWS FROM AL JAZEERA: Sorry, but I take this one personally. As many of you know, last year, I co-chaired the “No on Proposition 16” campaign here in California. I was also the campaign’s second largest donor (behind the first highest by 1 cent), even though I am by no stretch of the imagination a wealthy woman. Our campaign was outspent by about 14 to 1. We tried as best we could to make up for that disadvantage by working 14 times as hard. And somehow, we managed to win. (It helped a lot that California voters agreed with us .)

Al Jazeera, however, has managed to find an American academic who attributes Proposition 16’s defeat to the supposed big money financing of an “anti-affirmative action industry.” I know … it’s just Al Jazeera.   What was I expecting?  Still, it’s annoying.  I assume I’m not supposed to cuss on this blog, so I’d better stop now …

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