March 4, 2021


Back around the time Jane Fonda was giving aid and comfort to America’s Communist enemies in North Vietnam, yukking it up with anti-aircraft gunners who shot down our troops — I wonder if there are any laws against that sort of thing — she also headlined an anti-U.S.O. tour. Despising the actual U.S.O. for its policy of giving aid and comfort to American troops, Fonda went on the road with a hippie rebuttal to bolster the chances of the North Vietnamese Stalinists who, after the war turned out the way she wanted it to, forced 300,000 people into prison camps for reeducation. Fonda’s tour was called “F.T.A.,” and in the opening moments of the documentary of the same name, you can see her on stage with her pal and Klute co-star Donald Sutherland screaming out what it stood for: “F*** the Army.”

* * * * * * * *

The average starstruck Private Snuffy attending these shows might reasonably have surmised that Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland wanted him to shoot his superiors, refuse lawful orders, maybe even launch a mutiny. Doing any of these things would, of course, likely lead to a court-martial and imprisonment. Fonda says in the intro, “As I became involved in the GI movement, I started to understand its class significance.” Does she understand the class significance of rich Hollywood actors telling uneducated working-class kids to do stupid things that could ruin their lives? As usual when dealing with Bolshie Bourgies, the only connecting impulse is hatred of America. If American troops have to suffer for what they learn from Hollywood dopes, they’re just collateral damage in the larger war against America.

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