March 3, 2021

TO BE FAIR, THE PAST MONTH DID SEEM LIKE FOUR YEARS: “Biden’s Presidency Seems Ready to End,” Michael Walsh writes:

Meanwhile, at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 28, Donald Trump returned to the political scene with a fiery speech asserting his control over the Republican Party—immediately characterized by CNN as a “new threat to American democracy”—and hinting that he might run again in 2024. He called for voting reform and even dangled his own list of proscriptions a la ancient Rome, anathematizing Rep. Liz Cheney and Sens. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse, among others. “Get rid of them all,” he said.

The comparison to Rome—as it has been throughout the Trump presidency—is apt. During the campaign, Trump crossed his own Rubicon, engaged in battle with enemies and erstwhile allies both, and met at least his temporary political demise on the floor of the Senate when the votes were certified and accepted on Jan. 6 and the crowd marched on the Capitol.

Yet even after his term ended, echoes of antiquity remain. After the Emperor Nero’s death by suicide in 68 A.D., Rome witnessed the Year of the Four Emperors, a period of turmoil and civil war that was finally ended by Vespasian in 69, after Galba, Otho, Vitellius each had fallen in turn. Only then did the political situation stabilize for a few years with the establishment of the Flavian Dynasty.

Here in the United States, we’re on the verge of The Year of the Three Presidents. After all, 2021 began with Trump in the White House, followed by Biden on Jan. 20, with Harris now the odds-on favorite to supplant Sundown Joe once his deterioration becomes impossible even for the lickspittle robinettes in the media to ignore. Imagine, no more hard-hitting stories about Biden’s favorite ice cream, or how he beat his granddaughter in a video game at Camp David:

“President Biden has joined the scores of people who turned to Mario Kart to stay entertained during the pandemic—at least for one game with his granddaughter. Naomi Biden posted on Snapchat this weekend that she and her grandfather played an arcade-style game round of Mario Kart at Camp David over the weekend—and that he won.”

Momentous news, indeed. Still, it could be worse, and probably will be as Biden fades and the Democrats ponder when to strike. But it won’t take much more for the Democrats to depose him—and get their first choice for president behind the Resolute Desk. And then we’re really in trouble.

Nonsense. Isn’t everyone ready for Kamalamania?!

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