December 30, 2003

JEFF JARVIS: “Howard Dean is flailing like a loser.”

The most dangerous guy to Howard Dean is, well, Howard Dean.

UPDATE: Roger Simon isn’t impressed, either. There are some interesting comments on Dean, the media, and the polls, too. Just keep scrolling.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Is Dean flailing because of Hillary Terror?

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: This transcript of the Howard Dean / Al Gore skit from SNL referencing Paul Krugman is pretty funny. (Thanks to Henry Hanks for the link.)

MORE: Hey, here’s another Al Gore connection:

All candidates develop a reputation with the media. In 2000 the story line on Al Gore was his wildly exaggerated claims. Mr. Gore may not have said precisely that he “invented the Internet,” but his propensity to tell “whoppers” got him tagged with the line nonetheless. Unfortunately for Mr. Dean, that’s the kind of story line that’s now emerging about him.

As I say, Dean’s worst enemy is Dean. Heck, he’s already lost Julian Sanchez.

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