March 3, 2021

YEARS AGO, MY FRIEND KATE PAULK WROTE A SERIES OF FUNNY VAMPIRE MYSTERIES: No, seriously. She tuckerized our entire set. Yes, including my whole family (rolls eyes.) Because you see, we were all newby writers breaking in together, and we attended a lot of conventions all over the country. So, these mysteries take place at cons.
They’ve just been re-released and in this strange year with no science fiction conventions, after a year with no science fiction conventions, they’re oddly sweet and nostalgic. Well, also funny and paint-the-room-red gory.  And– You’ll see–

FROM KATE PAULK:  ConVent (Con Vampire Series Book 1).

The “Save The World” department really messed up this time: A vampire, a werewolf, an undercover angel and his succubus squeeze are no one’s idea of an A team. Or a B team. Or possibly a Z team. But then, since this particular threat to the universe and everything good attacks a science fiction convention — composed of people in costume, misfits creative geniuses and creative moron — , any conventional hero would have stood out. Now Jim, the vampire, and his unlikely sidekicks have to beat the clock to find out who’s sacrificing con goers before all hell breaks loose… literally.

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