February 27, 2021

MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT HIS SUPPORT, I GUESS: Georgia Secretary of State Declines to Support Lawmakers’ Bills Targeting Voter Fraud. “Several of the bills have already passed through at least one chamber of the Georgia legislature. One such bill that has passed in the state senate would require all voters to present either a driver’s license number, a state identification card number, or a photocopy of some other approved form of identification in order to be allowed to cast an absentee ballot. Another bill, which has been approved by a state senate subcommittee, would force voters to provide a legitimate reason for voting by absentee ballot rather than in-person. The swath of new bills is in response to widespread allegations, backed by credible evidence, of voter fraud in the state in last November’s elections.”

And to quote a famous leader, don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.

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