February 24, 2021

ALEXEI NAVALNY IS CANCELED: Amnesty International has undermined the Russian rebel’s fight for freedom.

Now, in the eyes of Amnesty, Navalny has been downgraded.

Putin, no doubt, will be delighted. The Kremlin has struggled to find ways to deal with a popular politician who has been brave enough to call out Russia’s leader for what he is: a man who will resort to any means to retain his grip on power.

Instead, the Russian authorities have resorted to a tried-and-tested tactic: besmirching Navalny’s name. One of the charges Navalny is facing relates to a trumped-up accusation of slandering a World War Two veteran. In reality, the case is a way of damaging Putin’s most effective adversary.

Amnesty says its bizarre decision to remove the ‘prisoner of conscience’ label from Navalny is based on an ‘internal decision’. Yet the news will only help Putin in his attempt to throw mud at his enemy. It’s no surprise that RT, a Kremlin-funded news channel, is covering this story.

Cancelling Navalny has caused this story to resurface: “Amnesty International’s 1964 disqualification of South African Nelson Mandela as prisoner of conscience.”

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