February 23, 2021

IRONY ALERT: MassHealth employee fired after Facebook posts about masks, Nazi Germany.

A MassHealth employee who said she was fired after she compared calling the police on neighbors for not wearing masks to Nazi Germany tells the Herald that her First Amendment rights have been “trampled on” and she’s considering legal action.

Denise Foley, 60, is no longer MassHeath’s director of internal and external training and communication following the firestorm in a private Milton Facebook group that has 12,000 members.

It all started on Dec. 3 when someone in the Milton Neighbors Facebook group posted they had received a mailer about turning in neighbors who aren’t wearing masks.

Foley responded to the post, “Sounds like what the Nazis did in Germany.”

She later wrote in the comments, “How dare anyone try to take away my rights! I have the right NOT to wear a mask if I don’t want to. I have the right to gather with friends and family if I want to. If that’s a problem for you or anyone else, report me!”

They did. “Foley is now looking to bring a First Amendment lawsuit against the state.” And possibly an NLRB case as well.

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