February 19, 2021

BEFORE I INTRO THE BOOK BY MARGARET BALL: About 3 (?) years ago, during a rambling post about women writers I liked, I hapened to mention one written by Margaret Ball. Keep in mind, I knew she was older than I, because I was reading her when the kids (now grown up) were tiny.  This doesn’t always hold true, of course, some people just get published younger. But since I had read her years and years ago, and she didn’t have anything new out, I assumed she had died perhaps suddenly.
By some miracle, she was searching for her name on the net that day, and came onto my blog to see why she was being mentioned. More surprisingly (or not, considering the industry had side lined her) our political beliefs are simpatico.  After hanging out on my blog a while, and hearing about indie she thought she’d try it.

The thing is, she’s worse at publicity than I am (but as good a writer as she ever was.)  So:

FROM MARGARET BALL:  A Pocketful of Stars (Applied Topology Book 1).

Thalia Kostis will be the first to tell you it’s not magic, it’s theoretical math when she walks a Möbius strip through walls to her office at the Institute for Applied Topology. CIA Case Officer Bradislav Lensky doesn’t care what it is, as long as she can help track down a smuggling ring and the terrorists in their safe house in Austin. The other magicians nearby don’t agree, and don’t care for new rivals either!

Now Thalia and the rest of her misfit crew are in a race against time, terrorists, common sense, grackles, and their graduate advisor to save the day!

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