January 23, 2021

EVERYONE IS CONSERVATIVE ABOUT WHAT HE KNOWS BEST: Jeff Bezos, Amazon Refuting Mail-in Votes For Unionization.

Jeff Bezos — a strong Democratic supporter — and Amazon are aiming to postpone a unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Alabama, the Wall Street Journal reports. Interestingly, Amazon is requesting that the National Labor Relations Board reconsider allowing mail-in voting, claiming the voting process has “serious and systemic flaws.”

Got that? Bezos’ Amazon is doing all it can to prevent any shady activity when its workers cast their ballots.

You are likely trying to figure out how that adds up, right? The Bezos-owned Washington Post called any claims of mail-in voter fraud by Donald Trump or his supporters dangerous and inexcusable. Amazon even banned Parler from its servers, in part, to ensure no one could claim voter fraud stemmed from November’s mail-in ballots. But stop trying, it is not supposed to add up.

In this case, mail-in voting is disadvantageous for Bezos’ e-commerce behemoth. As a result, mail-in voting is now deemed seriously flawed.

Exit question:

(Classical reference in headline.)

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