January 21, 2021

FROM AMIE GIBBONS:  Scorpions of the Air (The Elemental Demons Urban Fantasies Book 2).

There are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Not even magic can trump terror…

Sarah Blakely fought off demonic possession last month, discovering she has powers she can use against the demonic forces of evil.

She’s ready to celebrate her birthday with a bang. But when a deadly variation of meningitis strikes Chattanooga schools without warning, the party isn’t the only thing shut down.

Children are dying, the doctors have no cure, people are panicking, and Sarah doesn’t believe anything about the sickness and fear drowning the city is natural.

With the entire city against them, and questions piling up, can Sarah and her friends stop the invisible specter haunting the city before it gets what it came for?

*And yes, although indies cannot for now circumvent Amazon, I’m working on something that will let you buy “pre-release” copies.  Give me a few months. And I plan to bring Amie along! (As well as other liberty-minded indies) – SAH*

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