January 21, 2021

BUT IT WON’T LAST:  The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming.

Look, guys, these are not the nineties, when Clinton could make laying siege to an apocalyptic cult into an excuse for demonizing “militias.”

In many ways everything the left is doing are the deranged death throes of a dying cult. It doesn’t mean they can’t kill lots of us and destroy our economy. I fully expect them to do that.
However, and this is very important, we’re not watching the birth of a socialist republic that will last a thousand years. Please! The Fascists managed 10 years and were already falling apart before that. Arguably the war gave them cohesion.  The communists only lasted because we — through fear, confusion, misguided humanitarian urges, and yes, traitors within — fed them during the seventy year reign of the USSR.
There is no one to feed us after these idiots make a mess of everything (and they are. Double time. Look, Obama is a genius for their side. They are all college freshman potheads, inside) and no one to support them in any way. China doesn’t do that. China itself needs to feed off healthy countries. This move in supporting these idiots is proof that Xi is a moron. His regime’s days are now numbered.

Yes, it’s going to suck. But in the end we win, they lose.

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