January 16, 2021

JIM TREACHER: Leave Ariel Pink Alone.

Pink doesn’t think Biden stole the election, and he’s “perfectly fine” with Biden as president. He’s not spreading conspiracy theories. He’s not condoning the Capitol riot that happened after he left. He’s not calling for anyone to be harassed or hurt in any way.

Ariel Pink was just… there.

So now you have to destroy his life?

Back in the ’60s, John Lennon made a wisecrack about the Beatles being “bigger than Jesus.” Fundamentalist Christians throughout America were outraged and publicly burned Beatles records in protest. If you’re doing this to Ariel Pink now, how are you any better than those people?

I’m as angry about the Capitol riot as anybody, and every single person who participated in it must be held accountable, up to and including the president of the United States. But this is just wrong. Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor who, as of last week, now hates Donald Trump more than I’ve hated any other president in my lifetime: Please leave Ariel Pink alone.

The southern Beatle album burners were a deeply religious lot. So are those who are determined to destroy Pink now. It’s just a very different religion they practice in 2021.

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