October 31, 2003


So the improvement’s there, but as Jennifer Dunn said, the patience. You know, we, as Americans, want things done yesterday. And that’s great, and that’s how we work. But the other thing is, it’s going to take time.

And as far as the terrorist attacks seem to be increasing, the generals were prepared for that. No one talks about basically the 100,000 criminals that were put out on the street right before the war started, or the two of the fractions (sic) that are coming in there that don’t want to see this plan succeed.

But the bottom line is, no matter where anybody was at the beginning on the Iraqi vote or whatever, that’s there, that’s in the past; now we have to make sure that we do a really good job in Iraq so that we will also make sure that it’s free there. And in my opinion, that will spread to other countries. That’s what we should be focusing on now. Hopefully, sometime today we will pass that money to have the flexibility in it, to get out there so we can get the job done. The sooner we do it and build up the armies, the police forces, the sooner all our young men and women can come home. And that’s our paramount goal.

As Dale Amon comments:

It seems quite telling how nearly every US politician, Republican or Democrat, find the ‘ground truth’ different from what they are hearing day after day from the Palestine Hotel bar.

If even a politician can see what is going on, what does this say about the intelligence of journalists?

It says that some journalists could learn a thing or two from meatcutters.

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