October 30, 2003

IDIOCY IN IRAQ? I linked earlier to a Washington Post story on the CERP program in Iraq. The military reader who sent the link said it was one of the most successful things we’re doing there. Now another military reader emails from Baghdad:

News on the WP story about CERP.

Yes, it was the most powerful tool commanders have had. But as of now, it has been cut off. LTG Sanchez has informed all the resource managers this past week that the funding is done and there will be no more. All of our humanitarian projects we had going are now stopped and some projects (including those in the troubled Sadr City) are put on hold.

Given the utter disorganization of CPA, the battalion commanders here were making a significant impact. We fixed schools, sewage, markets, and got trash picked up. We put thousands of people to work. Now it’s over, at one of the most critical times in this fight. Everyone on the line is dumbfounded over this decision.

I”m dumbfounded, too. This is a real story, not “police-blotter” reporting. Perhaps some of the journalists over there can manage to look into things.

And perhaps some members of Congress here can do the same?

UPDATE: Porphyrogenitus emails: “If [true], that’s the worst news I’ve heard from Iraq all year.”

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