January 11, 2021

BE VERY VERY WARY OF WHAT THEY’RE PREPARED TO FAKE UP ON FAUX-NAUGURATION DAY:  National Guard Troops Deploying to DC Will Come With Lethal Weapons.

For perspective here guys: burn, loot, block highways, destroy public buildings all summer. You won’t even get condemned.  Trespass on the sacred halls of the left (and no matter how many ridiculous things they keep on adding, now, a posteriori — very posteriori, it’s total PFA — you know that no, there was no vandalism. There was buffalo guy in the Speaker’s podium, which is so American it makes me giggle) and next time they’re ready for you! With LETHAL weapons.

Trump, the new Hitler never sent people with lethal weapons to disperse the crowds that attacked the State of The Union guests, so the left had to do with crying about rubber bullets and gas. But the left? Ah, bring out the lethal weapons against American citizens who have done nothing violent.  But they already did that. Now it’s official. (Ashli Babbitt. Remember her. Say her name.)

The National Guard should be so proud if they get to shoot innocent civilians demonstrating. I bet their moms will be so proud!

Seriously? What insanity is this. What has (possibly literally) possessed the left?  The only thing I can think is they know how tenuous their grip is. Or, as one of my commenters routinely puts it “It’s afraid.”

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