January 7, 2021

SO WE HAVE AN ELECTION THAT 40% OF OUR NATION THINKS WAS STOLEN. THINGS CAN’T GO ON THIS WAY. We need Florida-style reforms to make elections trustworthy. Other nations manage that, and we could too except that the people in charge haven’t wanted to. We’re now seeing the results of that fecklessness and it needs to change.

Meanwhile, does anyone think there wouldn’t have been riots if Trump had been declared the winner?


ANOTHER UPDATE: Even if you believe — as David Bernstein states above — that the election didn’t turn on fraud, you should be concerned that so many people do. It’s important, as I’ve been writing since at least 2002, that elections not only be free of fraud, but trusted by the vast majority, even among those who lose. We don’t have that, and the huge number of stories about potential election fraud that were running in mainstream media right up until election day indicates that if Trump had been declared the winner, Democrats would be running around screaming fraud. We need a system that is obviously trustworthy enough that the vast majority of people will trust it, and we certainly don’t have that. Other countries do.

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