December 29, 2020

LOOK, I’M NOT AN ANTI-VAXER. THIS YEAR I EVEN TOOK BOTH FLU AND PNEUMONIA VACCINES, HOWEVER: Germany First, Angela Merkel Orders 30 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccine Outside EU Agreement.

When a long string of frauds like Fauci, authoritarians like Fauxident Biden and Roundheels Harris, and Merkel, and all the other leftists are screamingly desirous to inject something into my actual veins, something that btw, they want to track with “health passports” and which they say won’t excuse me from wearing the face diaper, or not going out and about my lawful business, my response is “No.” Particularly when this is supposed to protect me from an illness that, when all is analyzed (if it’s ever allowed to be) and the bogus numbers tossed is no more lethal than your average flu. The only way I will take the vaccine is if I’m allowed to inject random liquids into democrats of my choice first. I have a partiality for vinaigrette and a looooong list.

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