December 19, 2020

JIM TREACHER: Seattle Councilwoman Calls Cops She Wants to Defund.

Whenever I see somebody condoning or actually cheering on rioting and other crime, I ask for their home address. Not because I want an answer — I’m not a doxer — but because I want them to think about what they’re saying. It’s easy to cheer on “uprisings” and “mostly peaceful protests” when it doesn’t affect you personally. It’s easy to shrug when people are watching their businesses and lives go up in smoke, because you don’t know those people. They’re just abstractions. Too bad about their misery, but at least you’re still okay, right?

Until violent crime comes to your doorstep. Then what do you do? You call the cops, of course. The same guys you want to defund. The same guys you’ve spent your whole life demonizing. And they’ll show up to do the job you didn’t want them to do, right up until the minute you needed help.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The only thing worse than cops is no cops. I know firsthand what it’s like to deal with bad cops (GFY, DC Police!), and I’m absolutely in favor of police reform. But abolishing the police isn’t the answer. Bad cops suck, but not as much as a complete breakdown of civil society. The only people who don’t realize that yet are the ones whose living room windows haven’t been smashed in.

And it gets better! Seattle politician who defunded the police called 911 to protect her from a crime she wants to legalize.

All the best socialists assured me earlier this year that dialing 911 was the height of white privilege.

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