September 30, 2003

I’VE GOT MORE ON THE MEDIA AND IRAQ over at — a post that I wrote in the lovely Starbucks-catered “Study Room” in the University’s main library. Free wi-fi, overstuffed chairs, and foamy cappucino. Today’s students have it pretty good.

CNN called to ask if I’d debate this topic on Paula Zahn’s show tonight, but I suggested that they call Jeff Jarvis or Jay Rosen instead. I haven’t heard back, so I guess one or the other will be on (8:30 ET, I think), no doubt doing a better job than I would have.

UPDATE: They wound up with John Leo, who seemed to me to be too much of a gentleman in his dealings with Michael Wolff of New York magazine, who was the classic TV Shouting Head, interrupting and spouting non sequiturs. The result was that the show — which the producers wanted to be conflict-ridden so as to produce excitement — was actually quite dull, and very little that was new got said. That’s too bad, as the topic was important — but in a way, the formula, and its failure, illustrates the point.

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