September 29, 2003


The missiles are filled with volatile rocket fuel and two hundred kilograms of high explosives. Locals fear their children could be injured or their homes destroyed by these deadly weapons.
– ABC TV News, 19 August 2003

Gina Wilkinson: Mr Saadi?
– Yes.
Gina Wilkinson: Can we get these two kids to walk around underneath the missile?
Just around it?
– Mohammad. Mohammad.
Gina Wilkinson: And this one?
– (trans) Come here. Go up there. Go with him. Casually, casually. Walk behind him. Go with him. . . .

You want to show the children on there?
Gina Wilkinson: Yeah, that would be good. Yeah, if they don’t mind.
– (trans) You want them to stand over there to be filmed?
– (trans) Come on sweetie. What’s her name?
– Noona
– (trans) I’m worried about them.
– Sit. Sit on this.
– (trans) I’m worried about them.
– (trans) Sit on the edge.

Gina Wilkinson: Please God, don’t let this thing explode now.
– ABC Camera Tape

This is the Australian equivalent to the BBC (in more ways than one!) not the American Broadcasting Company.

UPDATE: Tim Blair: “I clearly underestimated the ABC’s willingness to harm kids.”

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